How to start with unit testing in Java: A quick introduction to JUnit 5

In this tutorial, I would like to focus on unit testing in Java with JUnit5 library. It introduced new features and approaches to testing, compare to older JUnit 4 version, that are worth to check. We would overview what is unit test and why to test; how to install JUnit 5 in your project; what is a basic test structure; how to use Assertions API and how to combine multiple tests in a test suite. read more

A complete guide to messaging patterns with Vert.x and Java

When you build a micro services application, the question of inter-part communication arises. But good news are that you don’t need develop it from scratch – there is a concept called messaging, that we use to create communication between parts of distributed applications. In this post we would observe what is a message channel and which kinds of message channels are defined. And of course, we would see, how to code them using Vert.x and Java. read more