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About me

Hello and welcome to my blog! My name is Yuri Mednikov and I’m a guy who pays his bills by telling [remote] computers what to do. I started to code when I was about 14 years, and soon sold my first software – it was database management application, written in Delphi for a local hospital. After some challenges, I made computers my profession and also studied this subject academically (that is rare nowdays).

Since 2017 I quit office job as developer and started my own software consulting business. I am proficient in this stack:

  • Languages: Java, JS, Groovy, Python
  • Frameworks: Spring, Eclipse Vert.x, JHipster, Vue.js, Angular
  • Databases: MySQL, MongoDB, Redis
  • Testing: JUnit, Spock, Jest, Robot
  • Cloud: Microsoft Azure, Heroku
  • Tools: Docker, Gradle, Git

So, you can contact me if you’re looking for contractor’s services or if you have questions about my posts:

You also can contact me via traditional means:

  • Email: yuri.mednikov[at]
  • Phone/whatsapp: +420 775 506 220

I speak English, Spanish, Russian and currently learning German.

Have a nice day!

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