¡Hola! Hello! Привет!

Welcome to my blog! My name is Yuri Mednikov, and people call me a tech entrepreneur and software engineer. Although I always consider myself as an eternal student, because in our industry continuos learning is about 100% of success.

I started to program about 2003-2004 (I was 11/12 y.o), when my father bought me my first PC (as I remember, it was P4/512MB/GF5600), from MS Visual Basic 6.0. At that time I also practiced with Pascal and played with Flash (it was called Macromedia Flash these days).

That how everything started…

Some facts about me:

  • Studied undergraduate Computing in the Teesside University (🇬🇧)
  • Professional (=paid) software engineer since 2013
  • Currently CEO at Codesity OÜ
  • Speak Russian, English, Spanish, Czech
  • Hobbies: travel, study new languages (both human and programming), running

My writings

The most effective ways to learn new stuff is to teach others, correct? 🙂 That was a reason to start this website. It is my side project, that means I work on it in my free time, however my goal is to publish 1 article a week. But my priority is quality over quantity.

This blog is not the unique place you can read my writings. I also publish on dev.to and do some guest blogging for other Java + programming resources. Also, don’t forget to follow my twitter:

Want to see me in action?

Do you not only want to read what I write, but want to see me in action, e.g. in real software engineering? I more than happy to help you!

How to contact me

Do you want to hire me or you have questions regarding my posts? Feel free to contact me: