Two-factor authentication with Google Authenticator (part 1/2)

Hello all! In this post (or better to say in a series of 2 posts) we would talk about using 2 factor authentication with Vertx applications. I’ve already described, how we can enable SMS two-factor authentication in Vertx. Although, in the previous publication, I concentrated on a delivery method itself, and today we gonna dive into the subject of one-time passwords itself. So, we would start with what is an one-time password, how it is used and then would build a first half of the example app – signup part. In the next part we would continue and finish login and validation matters. read more

Using HashiCorp Vault with Vertx to store secrets

Hello! This post continues in some way the topic of how to get configuration in Vertx apps. We’ve observed general principles, and today we would dive into concrete case study – reading configuration from secured Vault storage. We would talk about how to use Vault server and store data in it, and then how to access this configuration within Vertx app. I encourage you to read my previous post to grab an idea about Vertx Config model. Let start! read more

Managing large data sets in reactive way in Java and Vert.x

Take a real-life example: ride-hauling application, like Uber, Yandex.Taxi or Lyft. In such kind of project, we need to store rides’ data, as a current status or location, and this information must be updated constantly. But how? In this article we explore how to simplify a data-management in reactive applications with DaoFactory and Vertx framework. read more

How I reinvented a wheel: Building SMS auth in Vertx with Java

A SMS authentication is a form of a password less authentication. Users log in with its username and then receives a confirmation code on a mobile phone that he/she should enter in order to receive an access. There are different opinions against this method of authentication, however you could not argue against the fact that for mobile apps it is an easiest and most logical for users way to login. Many mobile apps, like taxi, delivery etc. use such method a lot. read more