Using HashiCorp Vault with Vertx to store secrets

Hello! This post continues in some way the topic of how to get configuration in Vertx apps. We’ve observed general principles, and today we would dive into concrete case study – reading configuration from secured Vault storage. We would talk about how to use Vault server and store data in it, and then how to access this configuration within Vertx app. I encourage you to read my previous post to grab an idea about Vertx Config model. Let start! read more

How to get a configuration in Vertx apps with Java

Hi again! I want to talk today about Vertx-Config library, that is the prefered way to get configuration in Vertx apps. It offers abstraction layer for various type of configs – properties files, system vars; as well some more exotic stores, that are available via extensions – Vault, Kubernetes and others. In this post we would observe Vertx Configuration model, and take a look on built-in configuration providers. Later, we would see how to track configuration updates during runtime. read more