Microservicios reactivos con Vert.x

Hola a todos! En este articulo vamos a hablar sobre mi tema mas favorito – microservicios reactivos con Vert.x. Vert.x es un framework para el desarrollo de aplicación orientada sa eventos que se ejecuta en JVM. Y, que es importante, Vert.x es un “polyglot”. En este articulo usamos solamente Java, sin embargo las aplicaciones pueden ser escritas también en Scala, JS, Python, Ruby, Kotlin, Groovy. read more

Start with vertx-junit5 at no time

Hello, world! In this tutorial I would like to talk a bit about vertx-junit5. Don’t confuse it with more known vertx-unit library. This is a JUnit5-specific extension that you could use in order to simplify testing of Vert.x applications. And to make it more JUnit5-native. read more

Add a serverless flavour to Vert.x (part 1)

In this post (or better to say in series of two posts), we would add some serverless flavour to your Vert.x apps. We would implement an API gateway pattern with Vert.x and Java, and than we would connect it with a function. In the first post we create the gateway itself, and in the second post we would build a serverless function, deploy it and connect with Vert.x. read more

How to start with unit testing in Java: A quick introduction to JUnit 5

In this tutorial, I would like to focus on unit testing in Java with JUnit5 library. It introduced new features and approaches to testing, compare to older JUnit 4 version, that are worth to check. We would overview what is unit test and why to test; how to install JUnit 5 in your project; what is a basic test structure; how to use Assertions API and how to combine multiple tests in a test suite. read more

A complete guide to messaging patterns with Vert.x and Java

When you build a micro services application, the question of inter-part communication arises. But good news are that you don’t need develop it from scratch – there is a concept called messaging, that we use to create communication between parts of distributed applications. In this post we would observe what is a message channel and which kinds of message channels are defined. And of course, we would see, how to code them using Vert.x and Java. read more