Who am I?

Hello! Hola!

My name is Yuri Mednikov (or in legal documents Iurii Mednikov – because passport’s agency officers don’t know English). I am IT business owner, software developer and active language learner (currently – my goal is to achieve C1 fluency in Spanish).

I am here with the clear mission to become the best in my domain. Learn by doing, as Richard Branson says. That is why I started this blog – initially as a scratchpad with notes for myself, later I made them public. I mainly write about Java, JVM programming in general, Vert.x framework. My blog posts are written in English and Spanish.

Some info about me

  • Education: Prague College, B.Sc Computing (dropped after 1st year).
  • Current position: at August 2018 I founded Codesity OÜ
  • Preferred tech stack: Java, Vertx, NoSQL, Cloud Foundry + I’m also skilled in Spring Boot, Vue.js. I’m an Android developer since 2015
  • I am also a certified Scrum Master
  • Currently, as last 7 years in a row, I live in Prague, Czech Republic

Can I help you? Yes!

I am not only writer, but primary I am a developer, and as any good engineer I like challenges. I’m glad to help you, if you need my help. What can I do for you?

  • Consulting and training in following topics: Android development, Vert.x, NoSQL, Cloud Foundry, Scrum. Both online and offline (EU)
  • Software development services using mentioned techs. B2B agreements

Do you need my help or do you have questions about posts? Don’t hesitate to drop me a mail to yuri.mednikov@mednikov.net or message me via my social profiles. NB, I only have social profiles, mentioned on this website, everything else is scam!

Legal stuff

I am legally represented in business relations by my company Codesity OU. Here is some required legal info:

Codesity OÜ, Tax ID: 14547021, VAT: EE102153509. Legal seat: 10130, Kiriku tn 6, Tallinn, Estonia. You can check this info from Estonian Business Registry